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Co-leads: Anne Hill & Elaine Ansell 

Committee volunteers: Allison O'Mahony, Amy Gottlieb, Erin Edwards, Evie Porte, Greg Lowry & Parul Shah

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Grad Night Party

Grad Night Party, which occurs on the night of graduation on June 12, 2024, is a tradition in many high schools to keep Seniors safe during a night typically rife with drinking and driving. The Class of 2024 PTSA committee organizes a fun, all-night party for Sammamish Seniors.

The event is roughly 10pm to 5am the next morning and is held at a location(s) (kept secret until Seniors arrive). Grad Night Party includes a catered hot dinner and hot breakfast, with drinks (water, soda) available all night long. There are multiple activities to appeal to all different interests and energy levels, with some in the past including dancing with a professional DJ, photo booth, board games, laser tag, and bowling. Seniors are transported via buses to and from Sammamish. 

The value of the Grad Night party is approximately $375. The Class of 2024 PTSA has fundraised for the last four years to reduce ticket prices as much as possible. Our goal is for all Seniors to attend the party; we have scholarship tickets available for students who would like financial support.

Safety is a top priority for the Grad Night Party. The PTSA hires charter buses, a professional event company to organize Grad Night Party, professional security, and Sammamish parents also serve as chaperones.

Grad Night Party tickets

Grad Night Party tickets are on sale now with Holiday price of $225 through April 30th. Ticket prices increase to $250 on May 1st. 

Ticket sales are final.

Purchase Tickets here

Grad Night Party ticket scholarships are available– email the Class of 2024 PTSA committee at for more information. 

Also, please sponsor scholarship tickets by making a donation to support Sammamish Seniors unable to pay for a full-price ticket

Frequently asked questions about Grad Party Night

Q: Will there be food for students with food sensitivities?

A: Yes, there will be vegetarian and gluten-free options

Q: Can students leave the party early?

A: Students stay the entire evening at the party, from the time they board the bus at Sammamish, until they are returned to Sammamish the next morning. In extenuating circumstances, parents can contact the Class of 2024 PTSA committee to pick up their student from the event

Q: Can students bring their phones?

A: Yes, students can bring their phones since an important part of this event is to celebrate their graduation, which includes taking photos with their classmates

Q: Will there be a quiet room at the Grad Night Party?

A: The organization committee is working to set up a quiet space at the location(s)

Q: Can students drive themselves home after Grad Night Party?

A: We advise parents to come pick up their students at Sammamish after they are dropped off for safety reasons, so they are not driving after they’ve been up all night

Q: Why are Grad Night Party tickets so expensive?

A: The value of the ticket is about $375 (the cost of the Grad Party and charter buses) and Class of 2024 PTSA committee has been fundraising four the last four years to bring down the cost as much as possible. PTSA offers scholarship tickets for students who need support to pay for the ticket. If you or your Senior would like a scholarship ticket, please contact your student’s high school counselor or email: If you’d like to contribute to our Grad Night Party scholarship fund, please donate using PayPal here.

With thanks to our generous sponsors

If you or a business you know would like to sponsor Sammamish Grad Night Party, contact Allison O’Mahony at